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I'm yet another geek, as (Linux/Unix) systems administrator. As you can see in the blog, I'm mad about Linux terminal & terminal friendly Linux distros (like gentoo and arch).

I'm using Linux for more than 9 years. Some of the experiments/contributions I've involved, linked below.



Gentoo-Tr.org (was unofficial Turkish Gentoo users' site. Now closed. Probably will stay closed for long time. Have an idea? Send an e-mail to me.)

Enixma.org (Good old times. We published a monthly free software e-magazine for few years.)




Gentoo Official Wiki [Contributions]

Geanyis a GTK2 text editor/IDE. Here for stats of translation.

Pluck CMS, was a PHP content management system.

Braserois a CD/DVD burner for the Gnome Desktop.

Navit, is a car navigation system with routing engine. (On launchpad).

Porthole, is a GUI for the Portage. (Didn't check for long time)

Portato, is a GUI for the Portage. (Didn't check for long time).

ClamTk, is a GUI front-end for ClamAV. (On launchpad).

Emesene, is an WLM client. (First half of it, didn't follow the project).

Znurt, "the fresh ebuilds" website. Here for Turkish version.